Job title: Electrician
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Building and Construction
Functional Expertise: Skilled Labour
Location: C. Cork
Job published: 21-03-2024
Job ID: 32172

Job Description

A qualified senior electrician that has experience in reading and understanding drawings

Must work to a high standard

The successful Candidate must be able to:

  • examine drawings, specifications and wiring diagrams to determine the method and sequence of operations;
  • select, cut and lay wires and connects to sockets, plugs or terminals by crimping, soldering, brazing or bolting;
  • cut, bend and install electrical conduit;
  • assemble parts and sub-assemblies using hand tools and by brazing, riveting or welding;
  • install electrical plant, machinery and other electrical fixtures and appliances such as fuse boxes, generators, light sockets etc.;
  • examine electrical plant or machinery, domestic appliances and other electrical assembly for faults using test equipment and replaces worn parts and faulty wiring.

Candidates will be required to

  • registered with safe electric
  • have industrial and commercial experience 
  • produce certificate confirming good eyesight 

Screening Questions

Are you able to work independently?
Are you able to diagnose faults and assess solutions?
Do you have a valid SA / EU / UK driver licence?
Rate your English literacy - written/reading/spoken? 1-10

Gross Annual Salary at €45,760 based upon a 40 hour week l €22 per hour.